Stories for Change is a global storytelling platform with the aim of having a positive impact on multiple human issues around the world.

People love real stories about real people, they engage with them, they respond to them and they share them.


Our first project is Homeless Stories, for which we have travelled across the UK working with multiple small charities, capturing the stories of people who have experienced homelessness. Our videos have had over 1.5 million views, been shared around the world, raised awareness of the issue and funds for the charities.

Moving forwards we want to cover many more issues, including: Food Poverty, Slavery, Child Labour, Hygiene Poverty, The Refugee Crisis, Human Trafficking, Mental Health and Addiction.

Everyone is unique and everyone has a different story to tell, we all take our own individual journey.

Grass Roots

We partner with small local charities to tell the stories of their service users.  We provide beautifully captured, powerful and emotive content which they can share and use to promote what they do, raise money and help more people in need within their local community. The small charities we partner with do not have the resources or skillset to do what we do. We make them stronger and more effective, which in turn, helps the community as a whole.

We want Stories for Change to be a platform that inspires and ignites conversation, action and change.


Not only are we experts in storytelling and film making, we are also experts in digital strategy and marketing.  For every story we tell, we use this expertise to help push it out to as wide an audience as possible.  Every story is treated as a mini campaign, with multiple edits and stills produced to create a body of assets we can roll out based on a strategic release schedule.  We have found this approach to be extremely effective.

Through our social platforms we share the stories we produce as well as other relevant articles and content that we find and feel has a place.  We want Stories for Change to be a valuable resource for up to date information, articles and knowledge on the issues we cover, it is a global storytelling platform, a hub where stories from around the world can live and breathe, where conversations can be ignited and change can happen.

By capturing the powerful stories of people directly affected by these issues, we can raise awareness and we can make change happen.

Call to Action

Today still lots of people are in need of help, and if you can help somebody why wouldn’t you. If you want to be a part of causing change, please get in touch.