On a local grassroots level, Stories for Change is a community project. We partner with small local charities to tell the stories of people who have been affected by issues such as homelessness, food poverty, hygiene poverty and the refugee crisis. We provide beautifully captured, powerful and emotive content which they can share and use to promote what they do, raise money and help more people in need within their local community. The small charities we partner with do not have the resources or skillset to do what we do. We make them stronger and more effective, which in turn, helps the community as a whole.


On a wider level Stories for Change is global. The video stories we produce help raise awareness of the issues we cover, change perceptions, ignite conversation and inspire change. We share them on our social platforms, helping build an engaged, empathetic audience who are keen to play a part in making the world a better place. We also use our online platform as a hub of information about the different issues we cover. Somewhere we can share relevant news articles and other informative and engaging pieces of content, gathered from around the world.


Where possible we invite service users, from our charity partners, to join our production team when we film. This helps give them experience, confidence and hopefully inspires them to see a way out of the position they are in. Our ambition is to have Stories for Change staffed by the very people who have told us their stories.  So it goes full circle, and they become the ones capturing the stories of people in the position that they once were. We bring employment, opportunity and hope to those most in need.