Michele Lester | Lloyds Foundation

I worked with Stories for Change, on the Homeless Stories Project, from 2019 –  2021. During this time, SFC, worked with eleven of our charity partners to produce films, which enabled the people they supported to have a platform where they could share their stories. The team are naturally experts in storytelling and film making, but importantly for us, they understood and were incredibly sensitive to the needs of the charities and people whose stories they were sharing. Throughout the design and delivery of the project, they were generous with their ideas, pragmatic and flexible in their approach. They really understood the capacity challenges within the charity, and the challenges facing the people those charities support, as can be seen by some of the feedback we received from those engaged in the project. Throughout, the SFC team have worked hard to ensure everyone was clear about the input required, to manage expectations, and minimise the disruption to the charity involved. They took on board all of the learning, from the early projects, to improve the experience and impact of the charities involved.  As a partner to the Foundation, they have been a joy to work with!”


Melissa Kerschen | Glass Door

“The Stories for Change project has had several incredibly positive effects on Glass Door.  First of all, the video stories allow audiences to hear from those with lived experience of homelessness, allowing others to relate to those we might otherwise see as “other”. The videos break down barriers.

With these videos we now have a marketing tool that allows us to tell the story of the men and women we support, which has allowed us to reach new audiences and engage existing or lapsed supporters. Ultimately, the videos have proven to help us to attract new partners, volunteers and supporters, allowing us to multiply the effect we can have.

We estimate that the videos have directly resulted in over £40,000 of donations. That could mean shelter for 65 people every night for a month, which is about enough time on average for our guests to work with our caseworkers to find a more stable route out of homelessness.”


Kelly Turner | Basement Project

“We couldn’t have raised this much without you!”
“Stacey’s film helped us to smash our target by over 200%.”


Simon Pickering | Winter Comfort

“I wanted to let you know what a good experience it has been. The team were so sensitive, pragmatic and really good with our service users, alongside really understanding the complexity of homelessness. It has been a real privilege to work with them all. We saw a huge 20% increase across our social media channels and the engagement has carried on since the films, the Homeless Story approach and support on our social media has been so beneficial. The team from Homeless Stories were very easy to work with very professional and attentive to the needs of the individuals we support.”


Ross Allen | Key Project

“Dave, Glenn and the team were fantastic throughout and extremely professional. What particularly resonated with me and the staff team was the way they engaged with our client group (who were all very nervous). The most rewarding part of the day was watching the young people grow in confidence over the course of the day and this was testament to the crew. It was clear they understood and more importantly cared about the complex issues that can cause homelessness.”


Rachel Clare | the Choir with No Name

“In the three months since the first Homeless Stories video was posted (Oct – Dec), we received 80 new follows compared to 26 in the preceding three month period (over 200% increase!).”


Alison Eastwood | The Bond Board

“We felt that the films were highly emotive and made in a way which humanised our service users. This helps to break down stereotypes and assumptions about homelessness and supports service users to feel valued and heard. It was helpful to have Homeless Stories release the films over several social media applications in a co-ordinated way on our  behalf. This enabled our organisation to have a new presence on applications such as You Tube and Instagram, neither of which we have utilised before.”